How to Get Free Microsoft Points Codes

Proof of Free 1600 Microsoft Points Card sent to me!
Free Microsoft Points Codes are given out daily to hundreds of people wanting their free Microsoft points and who takes advantage of this special opportunity. Using this method guarantees you free 1600 Microsoft Points Codes within a few minutes.  This method is 100% legal and 100% legitimate.  All the Free Microsoft Points Codes that are given away are paid for by advertisers and sponsors. You can get the free Microsoft points codes emailed to you or shipped to your house Completely free with no charge.

First you need to create an account to get the Free Microsoft Points Codes.  SIGN UP HERE to receive your free account.  Once you register for the free account, go and confirm your email.  After you conform your email, you are now officially ready to get started on receiving your free Microsoft points. Click "earn points" in the navigation bar and then click free offers.

Second, sort the free offers by approval rate to find the best offers and easiest offers to complete. Read about the top offer, complete it, mark it as completed, and compete in the mini game to receive bonus points. After completing your first offer you get 250 points into your account. You can also play easy games on the site to receive your free Microsoft points.

Free Microsoft Points

Last, the most exciting part for more then a million gamers who participate in this rewards website. After you have achieved enough points, you can receive Free Microsoft Points, Xbox Live Subscriptions, or anything from completely free of charge! The process couldn’t get any easier.

Just click on the “Spend Points” tab on the navigation bar.

Then click “E-mail Gift Cards” and select the code you want to be emailed to you for free!

Now you are Officially on your way on getting your Free Microsoft points.